Genuine Manufacturer

Genuine manufacturer cartridges or OEM (original equipment manufacturer) cartridges are consumables (whether for inkjet or laser equipment) that are supplied by the manufacturer of your equipment. Typically, the manufacturer will hold the patent for the model involved and is the only company legally entitled to define their supplies as genuine manufacturer consumables.


Cartridges supplied by the original manufacturers of your equipment are guaranteed to perform perfectly and eliminate the problems associated with other variations such as compatible, remanufactured or non-branded solutions. Many of the bigger companies now incorporate recycling into their manufacturing process, reusing parts from discarded cartridges where possible. They only reuse the parts that will not interfere with future printing quality and recycled OEM cartridges are every bit as reliable as ones that do not contain reused parts. The added benefits to the consumer and to the manufacturer are related to saving our environment, as it is unnecessary to produce new plastic parts from scratch.

Selection Process

When selecting an ink or toner cartridge, it is always better to select an OEM solution over non-branded solutions, as it is the genuine manufacturer that performs the research into ink, toner and equipment improvement. This is the primary reason for the added cost often associated with branded cartridges. Development and research costs must be recovered to allow future research and development. If these costs were not recovered, then printer and office equipment innovations would not progress as rapidly as they have in the last 20 years or so. While it is true some solutions can be cheaper, it is also true that the cartridges involved will not contain the same quality of ink or toner as the formulas involved are unique to the manufacturer, allowing optimum drying and colour matching properties for your specific equipment model.

Refrain from refill kits and other budget solutions. These will shorten the lifespan of your equipment or cause repair costs that will exceed consumable costs associated with OEM cartridges. It makes sense to assume that the original manufacturer is best qualified to indicate which consumables are most suited for your equipment.